Registration. Academic course 2019/20

Once admitted to graduate studies, the student must complete the enrollment. The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid provides a self-enrollment system, where the student himself can manage his registration as well as the payment letter. The system and detailed information about its functioning are available in the following link:


In the registration process, the student must submit original documentation attached to the electronic preregistration for collation at the Secretariat of the School of Computer Sciences. In the event that the degree provided by the student does not belong to a university of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), it is necessary to include the Haya Apostille.

The minimum number of the European credits required for enrolment per student and academic year is determined by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid at its Normativa de Acceso y Matriculación (Access and Enrolment Regulations). It refers, therefore, to the following URL:

UPM enrolment regulation 2018/19  Annex

Important dates (Course 2019/2020)

  • Regular annual registration period: From July 22nd to August 2nd and September 5-13th, 2019.
  • De-registration period: January 27-31st, 2020.
  • Extended registration period (only for the Master's Final Project): February 3rd-7th, 2020.

Important dates (Course 2020/2021)

TBD. In the meantime, refer to the information published at the Rectorate.


  1. All students will make annual registration.
  2. A minimum of 12 credits to be enrolled annually is established, except for those students who have a lower number of credits to finish their studies. There is no limit to the maximum number of credits to enroll.
  3. The student may choose between the single payment or the installment payment. In the latter case, eight installments will be established for the payment of tuition.
  4. Bridge complements must be enrolled in the regular (annual) registration period.
  5. The Master's Final Project (MFP) can be registered in the regular or extended enrollment periods, and can be defended at any time during the corresponding year or semester.
  6. In attention to the uniqueness of the MFP, in case the student has not been able to overcome it in an academic year, the prices to be paid in the following academic year will be those corresponding to 25% of the price in the first registration of the Decree of Public Prices, which will entitle the student to a single examination session without prejudice to the rest of the rights acquired when registering in said subject.
  7. Students that are not enrolled for any Master in Data Science subject lose their official status as students of the UPM and are not eligible for official or unofficial grants, mobility assistance… On this ground, we advise students that have completed the rest of the course to register for their MFP at the start of the respective semester to ensure that they retain their UPM student status.