The Master in Data Science is a one-year programme developed to provide professionals in Informatics Engineering, Computer Science and Computer Technology with the skills and knowledge required to face the challenges raised by the high demand for solutions to successfully perform the different stages involved in the data science workflow: data preparation, actual analysis, report and communication, paying attention to both methodological and  technological aspects of the process. The ultimate goal is to solve complex problems through innovative methods with applications on fields as varied as Digital Marketing, Social Networks, Human Resources, E-commerce, Internet of Things, Financial Analytics, Biology, Biomedicine, to name only a few.

The European MSc in Data Science (MDS) is part of the post-graduate offerings from the School of Computer Science of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and it is conducted by the Department of Artificial Intelligence (DIA), the Department of Computer Languages and Systems and Software Engineering (DLSIIS) and the Department of Computer Systems Architecture and Technology (DATSI).

In order to obtain the MDS degree, the student shall successfully complete 60 ECTS credits: 36 of which are awarded to mandatory courses, 12 credits awarded to optional courses, and 12 credits awarded to the Master's Final Project.

The courses in the curriculum are organised in a total of 4 subjects: Infrastructure and Data Processing;  Data Analysis and Exploitation; Legal, Ethical and Social Implications of Data Science and Fundamentals of Research.

The number of places available for new students is 40 (Academic course 2019-20).

The official language of the MSc is English.

The total cost of the Master in Data Science degree (reference price for the academic year 2018/19) is 2877.47 Euros, which includes the 60 ECTS credits (45.02 € per credit), and 176.27 € corresponding to the degree certificate and the European supplement to the degree. The price per ECTS for non-EU students is 84,07€, as established by the UPM from the academic year 2016/17.

Research in the School of Computer Science:

The three Departments involved in the Master in Data Science at the School of Computer Science host different research groups. You can find here those affiliated with DIA. The ones affiliated with DLSIIS include MiDas and the Distributed Systems Laboratory. Those connected to DATSI are listed here.

You can find more information on research at ETS de Ingenieros Informáticos (ETSII) here.