Administrative process 

The Master's Final Project (MFP) can be enrolled in the regular or extended enrollment periods, and can be defended at any time during the corresponding year or semester.

In attention to the uniqueness of the MFP, in case the student has not been able to overcome it in an academic year, the prices to be paid in the following academic year will be those corresponding to 25% of the price in the first registration of the Decree of Public Prices, which will entitle the student to a single examination session without prejudice to the rest of the rights acquired when enrolling in said subject.

It is necessary to take into account that the payment fee received by the University has to be exactly the one indicated in the payment slip. In this sense,  the bank charges on international trasactions, bank transer fees or other charges must be assumed by the student. Once the paymet be completed, please email to the Administrative management secretariat (secretaria@fi.upm.es) the following:

  • Receipt of payment.
  • The following information:   
    • Given and family name of the student.
    • Payment Date.
    • Master's degree programme.
    • Amount transferred
    • Account from with the payment was transferred.

Students that are not enrolled for any Master in Artificial Intelligence subject lose their official status as students of the UPM and are not eligible for official or unofficial grants, mobility assistance… On this ground, we advise students that have completed the rest of the course to enrol for their MFP at the start of the respective semester to ensure that they retain their UPM student status.

The defenses of the MFPs can be made throughout the academic year, with condition that the student has passed all the courses and seminars. Once the student has enrolled the MFP the defense date and evaluation panel can be requested, using the appropriate form, in the Administrative management secretariat. The following documation must be provided:

The students must also upload the MFP in electronic form (pdf file) to the moodle platform, in the subject Master Final Project, 7 calendar days prior to the act of the defense.

The Secretary of the committee will be responsible for booking hemicycle for carrying out the act of MFP defense, and collecting and delivering the defense minutes in the Administrative management secretariat and delivering the UPM digital archive authorization to the MDS Secretariat (Victoria) or, alternatively, the condifentiality request form that will be accompanied with a printed copy of the MFP.


MFP confidentiality

If the student wishes the confidentiality on his/her MFP, he/she must request it by means of a confidentiality request form that will be accompanied with a printed copy of the MFP and delivered to the secretary of the committee the day the MFP is defended.


Evaluation panel

A committee shall be established for each MFP defense. The director of the MFP will take part of the committee and will elect the two remaining members, that must be:

  • one of them, a MUDS professor of the MFP subject.
  • the other, a MUDS professor of the subject MFP or some other related subject.

In case of codirections, only one of the two directors can be part of the committee.  The designation of Chairman, Member and Secretary of the committee shall be based on rank and seniority of the members selected for the same. The director shall propose the committee to the coordinator of MDS, who shall satisfy the above conditions and give the go ahead.