The Master's Final Project consists on the individual execution of a project on data science, in which the competencies acquired during the Master's are demonstrated. The Master's Final Project should consist of a written dissertation completed by the Master's degree candidate. The Master's Final Project document should have a clear structure and properly describe, justify and present the work done. The Master's Final Project supervisor shall guide the student to ensure the right contents and format of the work.

Master's Final Project assignment

The Master’s Final Project assignment process, is as follows:

  1. Students shall have to contact a member of the Master's in Data Science (MUDS) academic staff to supervise their Master's Final Project.
  2. As an alternative, a list of proposals put forward by the Master's academic staff will be forwarded to students. Students shall contact the Master's coordination with their preferred options (up to a maximum of 5) ranked by order of preference.
  3. If none of the offers appeal to students or they are not assigned any of their chosen options (more than one student may select the same proposal), they shall have to put forward a proposal related to a Master's in Data Science subject and specifying up to three academic staff capable of supervising the project.

The research groups related to each of the Departments involved in the Master's in Data Science are the following:

You can find more information on research at ETS de Ingenieros Informáticos (ETSII) here.

Co-supervision of a MFP will be allowed, provided that this is requested and justified to the Master's in Data Science Academic Board (CAMDS) and where one of the supervisors must be part of the Master’s academic staff.

Administrative process 

The Master's Final Project (MFP) can be enrolled in the regular or extended enrollment periods, and can be defended throughout the academic year, with the condition that the student has passed all the courses.

In attention to the uniqueness of the MFP, in case the student has not been able to overcome it in an academic year, the prices to be paid in the following academic year will be those corresponding to 25% of the price in the first registration of the Decree of Public Prices, which will entitle the student to a single examination session without prejudice to the rest of the rights acquired when enrolling in said subject.

It is necessary to take into account that the payment fee received by the University has to be exactly the one indicated in the payment slip. In this sense,  the bank charges on international transactions, bank transfer fees or other charges must be assumed by the student. Once the payment be completed, please email to the Administrative management secretariat (secretaria@fi.upm.es) the following:

  • Receipt of payment.
  • The following information:   
    • Given and family name of the student.
    • Payment Date.
    • Master's degree programme.
    • Amount transferred
    • Account from with the payment was transferred.

Note: Students that are not enrolled for any Master in Data Science course lose their official status as students of the UPM and are not eligible for official or unofficial grants, mobility assistance… 

The members of the evaluation panel (and the student) will establish the date and time of the MFP defense, not being necessary to notify it to the ETSI-INF secretariat.

The student must upload the MFP in electronic form (pdf file) to the moodle platform, in the subject Master Final Project, as well as send it to the members of the evaluation panel, 7 calendar days prior to the act of the defense.

The student must deliver the authorization for publication in the archivo digital UPM or, alternatively, the confidentiality request form, to the evaluation panel at the beginning of the act of the MFP defense.

The Secretary of the evaluation panel will be responsible for booking hemicycle for carrying out the act of MFP defense. The evaluation panel will fill out and deliver the MFP defense minutes in the MUDS secretariat (Ms. Victoria Centeno), together with the competence tables and the authorization for publication in the archivo digital UPM or, alternatively, the confidentiality request form.

Evaluation panel

A committee shall be established for each MFP defense. The supervisor of the MFP will take part of the committee and will elect the two remaining members, that must be:

  • one of them, a MUDS professor (academic staff) of the MFP subject.
  • the other, a MUDS professor (academic staff) of the subject MFP or some other related subject.

In case of two supervisors, only one of them can be part of the committee.  The designation of Chairman, Member and Secretary of the committee shall be based on rank and seniority of the members selected for the same. The supervisor shall propose the committee to the coordinator of MUDS, who shall satisfy the above conditions and give the go ahead.

MFP presentation

Both Spanish and English will be allowed as languages for the writing of the MFP report, as well as its defence before the panel.

The defence of the MFP shall consist of an oral presentation about it by the student for a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of 40 minutes, followed by a round of questions by the panel members for a maximum of 20 minutes.

The evaluation panel will take into account the following items regarding the MFP:

  • Students are familiar with data science techniques and methods to tackle and solve scientific and technological problems.
  • Students apply existing data science techniques to solve a problem.
  • Students invent a innovative technique or method in the field of data science research.
  • Students invent and disseminate developed techniques or methods that have been adopted by society or the business world, leading to innovative informatics processes and solutions or publish MFP results in a peer-reviewed national or international journal (accepted papers are also admissible).

Master's Final Projects with honors

The following criteria will be considered: The student creates and disseminates developed techniques or methods that have been incorporated into the social and business reality, creating processes and innovative solutions; or publishing (or accepted) the MFP results in a peer review (national or international) journal or congress.

A commission including 3 members form the MUDS teaching staff will be assigned for granting MFP with honors. Supervisors of candidate MFPs cannot be selected as members of such committee.

The commission will consider those MFP defended along the corresponding academic course that have been proposed by the respective evaluation panel as a possible MFP with honors (and rated as Outstanding (10)). If the commission finally grants the student, then the  grade will be updated in Secretariat.

MFP with honors will be granted in a meeting to be held on September. The MFPs defended by students who complete the Master's Degree in a single academic year have priority over those defended in any subsequent call. If the number of proposals for MFP with honors is greater than the number to grant depending on the number of enrolled students (in accordance with the Royal Decree 1125/2003), the following recommendations will be taken into account:

  • the involvement of students in research structures (research groups, research projects or other) during the performance of the MFP.
  • the average grade obtained by the student in the MUDS courses.
  • the number of MUDS courses graduated with honors by the student.